Pre-Registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on Play Store Started

Pre-Registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on Play Store Started-min

The Indian PUBG Mobile version, Battlegrounds Mobile India, is now available for the pre-registration that started today on May 18. The South Korean game developer company made an announcement earlier this month that the game will commence on 18th May (today) and is now available for Indian players.

To attract PUBG players, Krafton has also announced some special rewards only for those who will pre-register the game. It is been noted by the company that the rewards might be specific only to the Indian players.

Though it is not yet specified by the company what types of rewards they will offer, Krafton said that game is made free to play over mobile devices – iOS & Android users both.

Want to pre-register for the Battlegrounds Mobile India? Currently, pre-registration is available for android devices only.


If you want to pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India, you have to first visit your Google Play store on your mobile listing of this game & click on “Pre-register”. Once this game is launched, players can automatically get the rewards.

Battlegrounds Mobile India version will be launched as a “free-to-play gaming experience on the mobile devices”, and available only for Indian gamers.

To look after user privacy, the company says they are working with the partners “to make sure data security and protection, at every stage. This may ensure the privacy rights will be respected, and data storage and collection is in compliance with applicable rules and regulations of India and for the players here.”

Krafton has put a few specific restrictions for the minors playing the Battlegrounds Mobile India version. Minors, below 18 years of age, need to provide numbers of their guardians or parents to play this game. Minors can play this game only for 3 hours every day and the maximum amount they can spend on any in-game purchases will be restricted to Rs 7,000 a day.

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