Free Fire vs BGMI – Which is Better?

Free Fire and BGMI both are very popular games in the Battle Royale genre that can be played on your Mobile Gaming platform. In this post, we are going to compare both the game in detail and understand which one is better. Without wasting any time, let us check out a little background of both the games to start with.

Released in 2018, the PUBG Mobile has emerged as a highly popular BR game to be played on the smartphone. This game has got a similar contestant of Free Fire that was launched in 2017 by Garena. Both the battle royale games are quite popular across the world and have taken the gaming platform by storm.

Many amendments, new features, and engaging content were added to the games that have made them even more exciting and fun to play. However, they have become quite popular among the young generation that in some countries these games are banned. Nevertheless, fans and players haven’t lost interest in such games and are reaching new heights with every passing day.

Free Fire vs BGMI

free fire vs bgmi

Both Fire Fire and BGMI have similar elements that the players have come to expect from the battle royale game, like jumping out from an aircraft over an island & killing each person in this game and becoming the last one to stand out. The difference is how BGMI and Free Fire approach their gameplay factor.

Whereas BGMI focuses mainly on making this game more realistic as well as true to life, Free Fire handles it completely differently. In the Free Fire games, players will pet animals as well as take benefit of it when playing this game. In the BGMI game, there’re over 100 players in just one lobby, whereas Free Fire has just 50. And this makes the latter one highly fast-paced game out there. Let us see some unique features of both games.


Free Fire

In Free Fire, all kinds of small weapons and guns can be seen, together players will be able to change their gun skin. Here fire rating of gun changes all along with updates, and guns such as Scar, AK 47, SMG, snipers, and MP 5 are included. However, the gun sound isn’t that great.


Weapons like a sniper, SMG, and shotgun, and assoult rifle are available in the Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players playing BGMI games can change their gun’s skin. Together firing of this gun looks totally original. However, the sound of the gun in Free Fire isn’t much realistic. Thus, in such a case PUBG is much better.


Free Fire

Free Fire provides amazing graphics compared to the Battlegrounds Mobile India, and it looks highly Animated as well as cartoonized. The graphics are loved even by the kids & younger players however adult players will find it a bit unrealistic and boring.


BGMI is the cloned version of PUBG Mobile, and it doesn’t have several changes from its older version. Speaking about the Graphics, the BGMI provides the best graphics that make game location, character, and everything realistic than other games.

Mobile Devices

Free Fire

For playing a free fire game, high-performance devices aren’t required. Players can easily download as well as play in 2 GB and 4GB phones. As the free fire game size is less in the terms of the PUBG game.


The Battlegrounds Mobile India file size is over 1.5GB – 2GB. And in this, the player requires to have a mobile phone with 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM. For this reason, you must make use of good mobile BGMI for playing this game.

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Free Fire

The Free Fire game provides amazing gameplay, however, there is not much physic or details involved in this game. Also, the animated character is good when speaking of details this game has to be improved more.


BGMI has great gameplay with plenty of physics, sound, detail, strategies, movements, and combined. Their creator has worked really hard to bring out the best gameplay experience and that also in a realistic way.

Free Fire BGMI
OS: Android 4.0.3 and above OS: Android 5.1.1 and above
Processor: Mediatek MT6737M equivalent and above Processor: Snapdragon 600 or above
RAM: 1GB ( preferred 3GB) RAM : 2GB (preferred 4GB)
File Size: 716MB File Size: 721MB
ROM and Storage: 3GB+ ROM and Storage: 4GB+

Final Words

To conclude, both Free Fire and BGMI are quite amazing battle royale games out there, however, BGMI takes a win here. Because the game offers much better maps, and its gameplay is quite realistic too, but that doesn’t mean that Free Fire is a bad game in any way. This game is actually made for low-end devices, hence it works in the best way.

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